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About Design, Development & Crowdsourcing

How does the 100% Quality Guarantee work?

It’s pretty simple! Really; Get a great Design or your Money Back! Our support team is always willing to help you succeed in the contest. Like extending…

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What payment methods we use to pay designers?

On we pay designers through banktransfer (only possible for SEPA countries) or we pay via Paypal.

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Rules on proof of collusion

In our general terms and conditions we stated that collusion between contest owner  (client) and designer is not allowed. If there is evidence of consparicy…

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What is stock? And wat isn’t?

On this website it’s not allowed to use stock material in logo design! That doesn’t mean all stock is forbidden. What is stock material? Stock…

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What payment methods do we provide?

On you can pay with: PayPal Credit card Bank Transfer V-Pay On (.ch and .at) PayPal Credit card Sofort Uberweisung V-Pay Bank Transfer…

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How to rate an user?

We have got the ability to rate the designers on our website. This helps others by choosing the winner and keeps the designer focused on…

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Rules about publishing personal information

Publishing your e-mail or phone number in designs, avatars, display name or text is forbidden. This because we want to give all designers and contest…

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What is (.be)  is the dutch brand of Design In The Crowd B.V. This company runs two brands, (.be) for the dutch speaking market and for…

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How do i rate a design?

It is really easy to rate a design, follow the next steps: 1: Go to ‘my contests’ in the top menu 2: Click ‘show contest’…

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When do i need to select a winner?

You can select a winner anytime from day 4 of your contest. It’s not necessary to wait till the contest is ended. After the contest…

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What stages does a contest have?

A contest has several stages, we will explain each stage in this article. 1- Pending The contest has been added and is waiting for a…

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How does the final round work?

You can select finalists once two designers have entered your contest. The deadline of selecting finalists is the same as the end date of your…

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