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How do i announce a winner?

Announcing a winner is very easy, first find your contest page and be sure you are logged in! 1. Login 2. Go to design contests…

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How does a poll work?

Once your contest has entries you have the ability to start a poll. Creating a poll is a great way to get the opinion from…

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What about copyrights?

Every designer on the websites has agreed to give you all copyrights possible whenever he, she wins the contest. You have the full right to…

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With what types of payment can I pay?

On you can pay with: PayPal Credit card Bank Transfer V-Pay On PayPal Credit card Sofort Uberweisung V-Pay Bank Transfer. On PayPal Credit…

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Problems logging in?

You can try resetting your password by using the link: password forgotten Delete cookies from and try again If none of the above was…

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Design contest with multiple awards

When you start a contest with multiple awards and you want to use all of the winning designs, the prize money has to be 75%…

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How much does it cost?

We’ll charge 30% of the prize money. This makes us one of the cheapest design crowdsourcing website! Why we are the cheapest and best choice?…

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How to communicate with designers?

There are multiple ways to communicate with the designers. First you can communicate with designers through the contest forum. You can comment on the designs…

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Code of Conduct

Code of conduct At, thousands of designers are active. This implies that differences of opinion will arise. To manage this, drafted a code…

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How can I create an invoice?

After filling out your profile with the correct information, an invoice will be created.

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My design has won the contest, when do I get paid?

When you have uploaded the winning files in the contest the contest owner can click the “Pay Designer” button. After that, the prize money will…

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What Prize level should I set?

What you should pay the designer depends on your demands. Below is a list of average prices: Design a website 500 Corporate identity 350 Logo…

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