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New year, new platform, check it out!

What will change?

1. Ontwerpen-voor-geld becomes Crowdsite!

Bye bye dear Ontwerpen-voor-geld! 10 years ago we started this adventure with the launch of Ontwerpen-voor-geld (.nl/.be). In the meantime we’ve launched Crowdsite as our international brand, with new types of contests like the brainstorm contest.

As Crowdsite is becoming more and more a design and marketing platform, the (dutch) name ontwerpen-voor-geld doesn’t cut it anymore. That’s why we will change it to Crowdsite soon.

2. The introduction of designer badges

Quality over quantity, everybody agrees on that. Design is a passion, a piece of art to be  proud of. So it’s very frustrating to see some (so called) designers copy and paste anything they can find on the internet into a design. It’s time to end this behavior.

That’s why we started to give each individual designer a designer badge. This will indicate the experience, quality and motivation of a designer, it also gives designers some more privileges on the platform. Get your design badge today! Read more..

3. One-on-one contests will disappear (a kind of)

Designers love the one-on-one feature, an other designer will not be able to see your entry. That’s why we’ll make it default for badge level 3 designers! If you have a designer badge level 3 we will hide all your designs, in all contests for other participants.

This will also prevent fraud! As new designers will not be able to hide their designs for others, you are able to spot fraud quicker, report it and we can take the necessary actions.

4. Payout accounts

Previous you had to fill in your credentials with each payout you created. Now you will be able to create one payout account to get paid. This is more secure, less work for you and it will allow us to payout faster in the future.

5. Beautiful new design, mobile and 10x faster

We’ve seen an incredible increase in mobile usage over the last years. So we came up with a beautiful ‘mobile first’ user interface. It’s cleaner and more intuitive than the previous layout! You will also experience a faster website, some parts will load up to 10x faster! Wow, check it out now!

Are you designer? Join the movement! Read more

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