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21482 satisfied customers

Wellness Center Mirelness
What a great concept! Within hours I got a giftcard that fits my company perfect. I'll tell others and definitely use Crowdsite in the future.

Mandy Rijnders - Unicef
605 entries! Fantastic! A big thank you to all the designers that entered, we are literally speechless. With so many hi-quality designs submitted throughout our competition, it wasn't easy to choose just three!

Cristian van Dinther
We liked Crowdsite very much. We could choose from many different quality logo´s and corporate designs at a pre-determined price. If the job would be given to a publicity agency, the choice remains limited. So much more value for less money.

Christiane Wallner - Anewa
An allen Designer herzlichen Dank - Ich bin echt begeistert mit welchem Elan und Kreativität Ihr alle ans Werk gegangen seit. Die Ergebnisse waren sehr überzeugend.

Bart Wils
A very positive experience! Especially in terms of logo design, you get a variety of good design.

Maringka van Amerongen - Rotim
We used Crowdsite for different design contests; brochures/cards we enclose with our orders, but the best design is our car wrap. We cannot drive around without being recognized. We also wanted to stand out with our printed tape. We provide printed tape but wanted something different for our own design and that surely succeeded. After that we started a contest for cardboard cup designs and these are now in the making. So we are really curious.

Niels Aussems
You´re not dependent on one designer, for every budget there is a possibility and often good and fast service from the designer.

Leon Moor
Very nice experience to come to a new corporate identity. This way you have a wide choice of designs and could I select one that fits perfectly to my business.

Nathalie van der Endt
Very good and professional. I am still in touch with the designer of my logo. Very nice opportunity for not established designers to build a portfolio.

Neeltje Bagchus
Very positive! We needed a logo for our new business and found a convincing winner! We were and are very happy with our logo which is used intensively.

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