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How to find a great company name?

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Get business name ideas!

You want to launch a new start-up but how should you name it? A good company name is hard to find, let our creative minds help you by starting a business name brainstorm session. With input of thousands of creative thinkers a great company name is found within days!

What is a namefinding contest?

With a name finding contest, you can ask the crowd to come up with a name for your company. It works like this, start a namefinding contest, describe your needs and our creatives will start entering new company names. Whenever a good name came up you can select this designer as a winner.

Common mistakes by choosing a company name

A good company name is hard to find, please read the tips below. Before you start a contest there are some things to keep in mind. Don’t use your own name…. This could be a trap, what if you want to sell your company, or you have to hire new people? A valid reason to use your own name if when you are the product of the company. Like an artist or singer. Be sure the name fits your business. Are you selling flowers? Make sure your name tells your audience that they will find flowers at your store. Look out for associations, if you name your business ‘flower power’ some people might think that you are pretty old school. Are you planning to create a namefinding contest and logo design contest in one? Please don’t, you will get in trouble when one designer comes up with the right name and a other designer makes the best logo design. We strongly advice to split this in a logo contest and a name finding contest.

What is a good business name?

A good business name meets the above mentioned tips. To ensure that you get high quality results, we have developed guidelines to help you set the prizemoney. Read more about namefinding prices

How can Crowdsite help you?

You can start a namefinding contest and the names will pour in within hours. Don’t wait months for your design agency to come up with a name. We are the best and largest crowdsourcing platform for creative design in Europe. Get started here or read more about a design contest.

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