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Can I start a logo+ namefinding contest

Unfortunately this is not possible due to various reasons. We have often experienced that the name of one designer and the logo of another designer appeals to you. The prizemoney then has to be divided. It is also not possible to submit designs in a namefinding contest. We recommend to start a namefinding contest first and after that a logo contest.

How does a poll work?

Once your contest has entries, you have the ability to start a poll. Creating a poll is a great way to get the opinion from your friends, collegues or family. You can select up to 10 designs and start a poll. You will be given an unique link which you can sent to your contacts, so they can cast their vote!

Can I create more than one poll?

That is no problem, you can start as many polls as you like. 

How do I accounce a winner?

Announcing a winner is very easy, first find your contest page and be sure you are logged in!

1. Login
2. Go to design contests -> my contests
3. Click on the blue button ‘Show contest’
4. Go to winners on your left menu
5. Click the green button ‘Select winner’
6. Select and confirm the design you want to choose as the winner of your contest.

How does the final round work?

You can select finalists once two designers have entered your contest. The deadline of selecting finalists is the same as the end date of your contest. Only the finalists you selected can add designs! All other designers are excluded. 

When do i need to select a winner?

You can select a winner anytime from day 4 of your contest. It’s not necessary to wait till the contest is ended. After the contest has ended you still have 45 days to select a winner.

Rules about publishing personal information

Publishing your e-mail or phone number in designs, avatars, display name or text is forbidden. This because we want to give all designers and contest holders equal chances.

All communication between designer and contest holder should be on the website. Otherwise we shall give you an official warning or even a direct ban from our website.

How does the ranking in a design contest work?

The contest owner is the only one who can rate the designs by giving stars. Designs with the highest ranking will be shown first as they have the greatest chance of winning.

What about copyrights?

Every designer on the websites has agreed to give you all copyrights possible whenever he, she wins the contest. You have the full right to use the design for any purpose.

What pay methods do you provide?

On you can pay with PayPal, Creditcard (Master Card, Visa, American Express, Diners, Discover) and Bank Transfer 


When will a contest be displayed on the website?

The contest will appear on the website once we have processed your payment. If you have paid with credit card or other instant payment method, we can process your payment immediately.  In the case of bank transfers this can take a couple of days.

What is and is not allowed in a design?

We can not allow that names and website addressess are published in the submitted designs because of the profileration of advertising on our website. It is allowed to use an icon of logo without name or url.

100% quality guarantee, as simple as that!

It’s pretty simple! Really; No Cure, No Pay!

Our support team is always willing to help you succeed in the contest. Like extending the contest or adjust your briefing for better results.

Rules on proof of collusion

In our general terms and conditions we stated that collusion between contest owner  (client) and designer is not allowed. If there is evidence of consparicy or if contest owner and the winning designer are the same person, the winner of the contest will be banned from our website and the prize money will be divided.

My design has won the contest, when do I get paid?

When you have uploaded the winning files in the contest the contest owner can click the “Pay Designer” button. After that, the prize money will be transferred to the designer’s account. We will pay the designers every two weeks. You can find the payment dates under payments.

The payment will take place by SEPA or Paypal.

Dividing the prizemoney of a guaranteed contest

If the contest owner of a guaranteed contest does not select a winner, crowdsite will divide the prizemoney of this contest. If the prizemoney is less than 100,-- euro´s, the money will be divided over a maximum of 3 designers. If the prizemoney is more than 100,-- euro´s, it will be divided over a maximum of 5 designers. The money will be divided 45 days after enddate of the contest.

When does a designer get XP´s?

You get for many things XP´s. For example, if you win a design contest or when you get a good rating by a contest owner. Wondering how you can get your experience higher? Visit the XP page in your profile.

The contest has ended but no winner is selected

If the contest is a guaranteed contest and the contest owner does not select a winner, we will contact the contest owner and request him to choose a winner. If the contest owner does not respond to our requests, we will divide the prizemoney 45 days after enddate of the contest. 

When the contest is not guaranteed, we will ask the contest owner to select a winner but he is not obliged to do so.

Can I withdraw my designs?

Yes, you can. If you are not completely satisfied with your design or your design looks too similar to an earlier uploaded design, you can withdraw your uploads. After logging in you can remove your designs by clicking the red cross above the design.

Which fonts can I use in my designs?

If the license of the font allows you, you can use it in your designs.

What should I do if I see someone else copies my design?

When you notice that someone else is copying your design or is using stockmaterial, you can notify us by using the fraude button. We will judge the design and if necessary remove it from our website.

What happens to my designs if they are not winning designs?

They remain yours, so you can use them whatever you want.

In what files do I have to deliver my designs?

In the briefing of the contest, you will find the right files mentioned.

Do I get an invoice for my payment?

Yes, if you start a contest, an invoice is automatically generated by our system which can be easlily downloaded.

What is the duration of a design contest?

The default for a contest is two weeks. You can choose to shorten this (minimum one week) of to extend to six weeks.

How can I communicate with designers?

You can communicate with the designers in the contest forum. Here you can explain your briefing and give general remarks. You can also click on one of the designs and give your comment. It is also possible to send a private message if you go to the designers profile.


How can I get the details of a designer?

You can easily communicate with a designer through our chat system. After selecting a winner, you will get all the contact details of the winning designer.

Can I upload files to my contest?

When starting a contest, you can upload files which can be used by the designers.

How do I know whether designs uploaded in my contest are 100% original?

At Crowdsite we use a fraude system where we all can report fraude. Herewith we separate 99% of the wheat from the chaff. It is wise, if your contest is close to enddate, to check if the targetted winning design is actually original. You can search the internet (we can also help you with that) by using a search engine specialized in images, for example picscout of google images. Designers who use designs which are not orginal will receive a warning. After receiving three warnings, they will be removed from our website. Crowdsite will inform you immediately if there is any infringement of third party rights.

How many designs can I expect after starting a contest?

That is very much dependent on the prizemoney of the contest. Often you will see that how higher the fee, the more designs will be submitted. Please note that this is never a guarantee for many designs. You can increase the chances of more designs to guarantee the contest and communication with the designer. Also a clear briefing will help to increase the number of designs.

How can I rate a designer?

On our website we have the ability to rate designers. This helps other clients by selecting a winner and keeps designers focussed. You can find the ratings in the designer´s or freelancer´s profile.

How can you rate a designer or freelancer?

  • You can rate a designer or freelancer just once
  • You can only rate the winner of your contest of the freelancer who is working on your project
  • The freelancer or designer cannot delete a rating

This ensures that all ratings are solid and given by real people.

Is it possible to select a winner before enddate of the contest?

That is possible. We allow this as the contest owner already made his choice. We understand that this is annoying for the designer who just started to make a design. The chance to win the contest when the contest owner already made up his mind is unlikely.

What if none of the entries are good enough?

As Crowdsite has a success rate of 97%, chances you will find no suitable design is very small. We want to minimize that risk by giving you advice. Our experience is when contest owner adheres to our advice, there will be a wide range of nice designs which meet your standard.

Can I withdraw my guaranteed contest?

No, that is not possible, as this is against the principle of a guaranteed contest. A winner should be selected; designers who are participating in a guaranteed contest are counting on the prizemoney.

Am I obliged to select a winner?

In a contest normally a winner is selected. 

In a guaranteed contest you have to select a winner. In a non-guaranteed contest you are not obliged to pick a winner if the designs do not meet your standard.

Why do you recommend a Guaranteed contest?

Crowdsite advises you to select the ‘guaranteed fee’ option when you start your contest. Contests that guarantee to pay the designer get more submissions and benefit from a higher quality of entries because designers are guaranteed that if they win they will get paid.

Why do you recommend a guaranteed contest?

When a contest is guaranteed, we will always pay a designer. This gives designers confidence and therefore more entries and a better result. The entitlement to money back guarantee expires when the contest is guaranteed.

How will I receive my files after selecting a winner?

After selecting a winner, the designer can upload the files in the chat of the contest. You can download these files easlily.

Can I select finalists after enddate of the contest?

No, you can only select finalists during the contest. It is possible to adjust the enddate. A contest can be active on our website up to six weeks.

Do I have to create a final round?

No, the final round is an extra service. You can always select a winner.

What if I do not want to select a winner?

To select a winner, is the best option. 

If you started a guaranteed contest and you do not want to select a winner, we will divide the prizemoney among the designers.

If you started a non-guaranteed contest you only have to pay the start amount. You only have to pay the rest of prizemoney when you select a winner.

How much commission do you charge?

Commissions in Design Contests

Our commission is 30% of the prize money, this makes us one of the cheapest design crowdsourcing platforms.


Can I register domain names during a namegiving contest?

A contest owner can register multiple names during the contest so he/she is sure that these names are not registered by someone else. If the contest owner, after choosing the winning name, wants to employ the other registered names for commercial use, the contest owner has to pay a compensation.

If the names are not used and/or registration is terminated, a compensation is not required.


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