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Sleek, Powerful Band Logo

By Karl Wright
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Studio Auer I only know that I and most designers don't like it. For reasons I mentioned yesterday.
Studio Auer Not meant condescending at all! Why Crowdsite includes this option, I don't know.
Karl Wright I just repacked and uploaded a smaller zip with much less files and reduced notes. I got excited and maybe included too much in the beginning! Once again, I'm new to this, so appreciate the feedback and guidance!
Karl Wright I wonder why Crowdsite offer the option that designs are visible, seems like a bad option based on what you and other designers are saying.
Karl Wright Studio Auer, thank you for your guidance. I think I was then guided incorrectly by the person who lead me to this site, he recommended I do exactly this with encouraging a combined direction. "Another question is if it is sensible to pack so many stuff in one logo..." Sorry can you rephrase this? Are you saying I've provided too many broad examples of what I want, or that you think the logo itself I'm asking for is too complicated. The language you've used seems condescending and unclear.
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