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New Mobile App Idea Generation Contest

By Gerard James
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2019-07-30 07:02:18


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Samvit Spark A social network for plants - Plantbook - imagine 6 billion plants on the plant network, one for each person. It is time we start treating them as our companions.
This app will also help to:
Buy and/or Adopt a plant
A baby monitor for the plant
Observes the plant when you're not there
"Who is the Best Plant" Competitions
List goes on.
Let's for once do something which is real, around us, essential for our survival but we treat it like its not there instead of buying and throwing manufactured stuff and be a victim to dopamine enhancing apps which in the short run act like drug but long term will actually not help our planet.
Vicky Malhotra In my opinion you made an aap for Road Challan, people who have too busy in daily life, they pay challan (Penelties) at own mobile phones or computers. Thanks
SAIF Aman Sir, you could develop an app for the elderly people who are in distress and danger. This app could have a helpline number which connects to a call center or even to the police who could reach out to them on an urgent basis. An app could also be developed for the safety of school children as there are many cases worldwide of child sexual abuse.
Sir, you should make such a Domestic Service App Which provide all types of domestic services.

Like Filter Machine, Washing Machine, LED, Gas Geyser, Refrigerator, Air Conditioner,etc.
And as much as the domestic needs, the machines.
Because nowadays we can not get good services, which makes us very upset and we waste a lot of time If you have made an application in which all the people can get the right service in India.
With such an application, people can get great benefit and save their time.

People have a lot of time in today's world people have become very busy Everybody would like to use an application that can remove all the technical problems of its domestic.


Kapil Gupta SAFETY APP, design an app that has the features that will call and message during distress time. one push button notification will send alert to everybody in a particular area having the location, phone number of the person in problem. this could save ppl who are dying on roads. the same SOS notification will be sent to the nearest police station, ambulance, fire fighter service . But this is going to be a hard task, getting no objection certificates from all the departments but this will make a huge difference and will save many lives. what u will get from this app is peace , in terms of earnings, advertisers will be after you. a wide field advertisers will come to you.
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