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I do interior design and decorating for corporate and residential clients. I always focus on creating spaces that are beautiful but practical and user friendly. A house should be a home and not a museum. A workplace should be welcoming and motivating. Employees should want to be there. Bottom line is all spaces have to be inviting and user friendly. I take into account my client, their needs, elements they have collected over the years and create a new space that works for them now. I operate in the Greater Toronto Area so lots of immigrants with different backgrounds and knowledge. Name needs to be short, easy to remember, spell and have something innovative about it. It needs to evoke a positive emotion. For example, Eye Candy Interiors (not available) automatically brings a positive connotation or 360 Interiors (also not available) automatically makes you realize that all walls and angles are taken care of. It should create a vision of a great, modern space. My style is modern, contemporary, glam and transitional.

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October 22, 2019
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2019-11-04 13:17:55
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