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Landing page Design for Penny Auction website.

By Filip Poutintsev
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2019-03-21 12:47:45

Contest Description

Need design of front page only according to instructions written below.
I will hire the winner to design all the rest of the pages.
More info about what penny auctions is:

Page Structure
• Header and footer will be same on all pages
◦ Wide top menu and logo on left side
• Index page
◦ Main banner with info (right under header).
◦ Auctions with items/prizes
▪ We do not need specific page for auction item
• Closed auctions page
◦ List of recently closed auctions
◦ Following info will be displayed:
▪ Prize description, username of the winner, date of winning, amount of bids used by winner to win the prize.
• Registration page
• How it works & FAQ page
• Contact page
• Few text pages: Terms, Privacy etc.

• Front page:
◦ Grand Prize – 10’000$-100’000$ – 1 auction per row (1st row)
◦ Valued Prize – 1’000$-9’000$ – 2 auctions per row (2nd row)
◦ Basic Prize – 100$-900$ – 4 auctions per row (3rd row)
◦ Bid packages – 200-5000 bids – 4 auctions per row (4th row)
• Each auction will be either running live, have a timer when it will be launched or be marked ”starting soon”. This will be set from admin panel.
◦ For auctions that are ”starting soon” users will not be able to bid.
◦ For auctions that have timer, but have not started yet, users will be able to set auto-bidder only, which will start working once the auction has started.
◦ For auctions that are active, user will be able to bid normally and set auto-bidder.
• There will be no physical goods in auction.
• 2 types of auctions.
◦ Money auction (won money will be added automatically to “money” account)
◦ Bid package auction (won bid packages will be added automatically to “bid” account)
• Each auction will have an image. But they will all be similar with text cash/bid and amount.
• Won prizes will be automatically credited to clients account when he wins them (he will not have to pay for them).
• The will be no counter of how much the prize costs (since they will be free), but there will be a counter how many bids have been made on each prize.
• Once a prize has been won it will become inactive (change color etc.) And it will be written on the prize: ”username X won prize Y on date Z”

Auction item
• Details:
◦ Image with name of prize (e.g. Cash $5000)
◦ Timer
◦ Bids in total
◦ Last bidder (username)
• Control:
◦ “Bid” button to make a single bid.
◦ Auto-bidder button with following:
▪ Empty field to enter amount of bids.
▪ “Launch Auto-bidder” button.
▪ Once auto-bidder is launched previous field and button will be replaced with counter of remaining bids and “stop auto-bidder” button.

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Landing page design - The designer will deliver:

- Page(s) designed in original layered format (PSD)
- Page(s) designed in jpg
- Fonts used in this design (If needed)

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