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New: 100% Quality Guarantee! A great design or your money back, it's that simple!

A great design or your money back, it´s that simple!

We have proved with a success rate of 97% that a design contest really works if you are looking for graphic design. How can we emphasize this better than to vouch for this. The 100% quality guarantee is a fact!

What does the quality guarantee mean?

If the contest has ended, you can get your money back if you didn´t get the desired result. Itś as easy as that.

What is the difference with our former quality guarantee?
We have extended our guarantee. You domn´t have to pay 30,-- euro´s if you want to use the guarantee. Even better, we have made this guarantee our standard. So there is no risk.

Finding the best design for you, is always our starting point. If you are not satisfied or your contest goes out of control, we can help you out. We can advice you to make your briefing more clearly or to adjust the enddate or your contest.

The entitlement to a money back request expires:
- when the contest owner guarantees the contest
- when finalists are selected
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